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The Rebirth of the Los Angeles Dodgers: Sports Biblio Digest 10.22.17

Before the Los Angeles Dodgers could get back to the World Series, they had to undergo a dramatic upheaval at the very top of the org chart.

The Best Team Money Can Buy, Los Angeles Dodgers, Molly KnightAfter Walter O’Malley moved them from Brooklyn 60 years ago, the Dodgers remained in generally good ownership hands until recent years.

The disastrous stewardship of Jamie and Frank McCourt, and their bitter divorce, distracted and devastated what had been a relatively stable franchise. In 2013, with a new ownership group that included former Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson, the Dodgers gradually began to reclaim their reputation. Continue reading

Sports Biblio’s list of notable baseball books for 2015

TheGrind“Before we talk about what’s new with baseball books — the author turns wearily to his nightstand — it’s worth admiring how many of these damn things there are,” wrote Bryan Curtis, the former Grantland media writer, in a marvelous recounting of the vast selection published each year.

In selecting notable baseball books for the year 2015, I found the same challenge, especially in my desire to limit the list to 10 titles. The following books were chosen based on a variety of factors, including critical reception, nominations and awards, blogger recommendations and sales lists. Continue reading

Sports Biblio’s list of notable sports books for 2015

Cobb A Terrible BeautyWhat makes a good sports book? That makes it a “favorite” or even the “best?”

Those are subjective words, based on a matter of taste and interest. In gathering material for the books published in 2015 that I thought might fit these categories, I came up with another word instead.


What’s listed below are thumbnail sketches of 15 books I regard as among the most notable this year, but it’s hardly my judgment alone. The selections are based on critical reviews, and to a lesser degree, sales. Continue reading

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