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‘One Beautiful Season’ In College Basketball: Sports Biblio Digest, 3.19.17

The 2009-10 season in college basketball was notable not just for the shocking run by Butler University to the NCAA championship game, but for what the Bulldogs represented. “One Beautiful Season” is the book that explains the deeper challenges and connections of the small-conference game that have fed the beast of March Madness.

one beautiful season, kyle whelliston, college basketball booksKyle Whelliston, creator of the now-shuttered Mid-Majority blogwas a passionate troubadour of the little guys for a decade (2004-14), traveling across the country (in often harrowing fashion) to capture the essence of the game played at the grassroots level, and whose best teams finally gave the bluebloods a lethal threat.

His self-published book grew out his blog and other freelance work, including a brief association with ESPN that ended in controversial fashion.

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Some favorite college basketball books: The Sports Biblio Podcast

College basketball books published since the mid-1980s have explored a broader scope of the history, scandals, memorable games, teams and personalities of the sport than ever before.

college basketball, bob knight, a season on the brink, podcastThe publication of John Feinstein’s “A Season on the Brink” in 1986 came as college basketball was entering its “March Madness” stage, named for the month the NCAA tournament is staged, and which was rendering a rash of shocking upsets.

On the latest Sports Biblio Podcast, I discussed this issue and the influence Feinstein’s book had on a new generation of college basketball writers who’ve produced some substantive, entertaining books. Continue reading

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