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The Rebirth of the Los Angeles Dodgers: Sports Biblio Digest 10.22.17

Before the Los Angeles Dodgers could get back to the World Series, they had to undergo a dramatic upheaval at the very top of the org chart.

The Best Team Money Can Buy, Los Angeles Dodgers, Molly KnightAfter Walter O’Malley moved them from Brooklyn 60 years ago, the Dodgers remained in generally good ownership hands until recent years.

The disastrous stewardship of Jamie and Frank McCourt, and their bitter divorce, distracted and devastated what had been a relatively stable franchise. In 2013, with a new ownership group that included former Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson, the Dodgers gradually began to reclaim their reputation. Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Holiday Of Sports Books: Sports Biblio Digest, 11.20.16

One of the great joys of doing this blog and newsletter is hearing from authors as well as readers. As another Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the United States, I want to thank all of you for reading, subscribing and getting in touch.

Mark Kram Jr., Great Men Die Twice, Thanksgiving holidayThis is a passion project, and I’m grateful I get to do this every week. Lately I’ve been limited with my Sports Biblio project, as I’ve taken on several freelance assignments. I have a number of blog posts lined up that I will be publishing soon, an assortment of book reviews and book-related topics that are long overdue.

I’ve been very thankful to hear from authors offering to send me copies of their book, and recently I got a couple of very nice surprises. Continue reading

Rewind: Sports Biblio’s 2015 posts on sports, culture and art

Sports and American ArtIn this continuation of some of my favorite posts from 2015, I am focusing on what I’ve written that blends sports and the arts, as well as culture.

By culture I mean the generic, lowercase “c” use of the word, and to address its more frequently used reference in media and by some sports scholars in critiques of sports and race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.

Among my aims with Sports Biblio is to examine the sweet spot between sports and the arts, so my idea of culture extends along those lines: Visual art (painting, sculpture, video, film), music, literature and so on.

Continue reading

A spectacularly biased look at sports media bias

Charges of media bias are nothing new. In the last two decades, as new online outlets have featured more free-wheeling, provocative content, those complaints have been revived.

Namely, that coverage of political, social and cultural matters is slanted in favor of a liberal perspective. These grievances extend to sports media, where topics that hit the prevailing cultural touchstones are regular fodder on all platforms.

What is new is how pronounced those politically-charged discussions have become, whether they’re about the religion of Tim Tebow, the sexuality of Michael Sam, the gender of Mo’ne Davis, the nickname of the Washington Redskins, the violent crimes of male athletes against women and more.

“Now sports, like everything else, has been conquered by political tribalism,” wrote New York magazine columnist Will Leitch, a rare observer of this development in an otherwise incurious sea of sports media criticism.

BiasBoothThis tribalism includes concerns over football concussions that have expanded into a cultural critique of a sport some see as socially oppressive and barbaric. Continue reading

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