Enjoy some of the best newspaper, magazine and online reads (as well as some podcasts and a few videos) collected by Sports Biblio for the year 2017 and that we included in our newsletter, the Sports Biblio Digest (you can subscribe here if you haven’t already, and browse through the archives).

Pull Up A Chair, Vin ScullyThese 100 or so pieces are rounded up by topic and more or less appear in chronological order. They’re only a small sampling of what I would have liked to have included here.

Thanks to many of you who have passed along links along the way, and who continue to read and subscribe and make Sports Biblio better. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Art & Culture

The Cannibal: Films about Tour de France champion Eddy Merckx, by Andrew Flanagan, Victory Journal

Did Indigenous warriors influence the development of Australian rules football?, by Robert Pascoe and Gerardo Papalla, The Conversation

In California, Finding ‘Fat City’ With the Man Who Wrote It,  by Karen Schoemer, The New York Times

Why I Love Ugly Uniforms, by Todd Radom, The New York TimesFat City, Leonard Gardner, Year of Sports Reading

A extreme sports photographer’s techniques, by Lorenz Holder, Canon Europe

Stunning Modern Palaces for an Ancient Sport, by Stefan Nicola, Bloomberg Pursuits

The untold story of a groundbreaking baseball documentary, by Jason Foster, The Sporting News

Photographing the Furious Stampede of the Kentucky Derby, Scott Simon interview with Barbara Livingston, NPR

The architectural splendor of the original Yankee Stadium, by Greg Miller, National Geographic

The Pride of the Yankees set the tone for the sports biopic, by Tom Hoffarth, Los Angeles Daily News

Love of poetry, books made Tom Meschery unique in NBA, by Ed Odeven, The Japan Times

The Architecture of Sports, by Richard Cleary, Places Journal

Shot story: illuminating the art of freezing time, by Suresh Menon, The Hindu

How Ireland’s ancient sports are helping immigrant children in the country’s most diverse town, The Guardian

Walter Iooss Jr. captures the beauty and struggle of the sporting life, by John Ciliberto, Arts ATL

Books & Reading

Baseball Books That Changed Minds, by Paul Dickson, The Wall Street Journal

Revisiting The Thinking Man’s Guide to Baseball, by Dave Kaplan, National Pastime MuseumBaseball The Early Years

Baseball’s official historian names his five best baseball books, by John Thorn, Five Books

The enduring joys of The Compleat Angler, by Kat Eschner, Smithsonian

Of Chipmunks and Knights: A Baseball Writer on Baseball Writing, by John Paschal, The Hardball Times

Business & Leadership

Terry Francona, the great communicator, by Katie Baker, The Ringer

Rethinking the premise of Moneyball, by Allen Barra, The Guardian U.S.

How new ballparks are pushing fans further away, by Travis Sawchik, Fangraphs 

John Wooden’s Homespun Creed Was Not So Homespun, by Paul Putz, Slate

Collectibles & Memorabilia

How a storage auction turned into a memorabilia treasure trove of old Sports Illustrated magazines, by Barry Horn, The Dallas Morning News

Norman Rockwell’s Bottom of the Sixth painting fetches an auction record, by Michelle Ganney, The Daily Mail

Fans & Passions

Passion, pride and Kentucky basketball: The superfan who kept handwritten box scores for 50 years, by Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports

How a Russian boxer rebranded himself and became a favorite of Mexican fans, by Roberto Jose Andrade Franco, Remezcla 

The Guernsey vs. Jersey Derby is about more than football, by Jonathan Wilson, The Guardian

The 112th Alaska Midnight Summer baseball game, by Michael Clair, MLB.com

Summer nights and basketball in Drexel Hill, by Frank Fitzpatrick, The Philadelphia Inquirer

The man who brought down a football coach in Mississippi, by Mark Schlabach, ESPN

Steve Bartman’s brave silence speaks the loudest of all, by Mike Vaccaro, New York PostCatching Hell, Steve Bartman

The Ephemeral Perfection of the Immaculate Inning, by Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker

In search of Tim Lincecum, by Daniel Brown, San Jose Mercury-News

The Last American Baseball Glove Maker Refuses to Die, by Andrew Mayeda, Bloomberg

The stupidest list ever of greatest living athletes, by Joe Posnanski

Champions of Place: Great boxers have usually had strong connections to their cities, by Paul Beston, City Journal

Farewell to a minor league park with a major league view, by Justin Klugh, The Good Phight

History & Research

50 Years of Bill Raftery’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Memories, by Steve Serby, New York Post

A Museum about Soccer, and Germany, by Allison Smale, The New York Times

The Summer That Changed Boston, by Eric Moscowitz, The Boston Globe

Before Baseball-Reference, Staheads Relied on The Big Mac, by Rob Neyer, Five Thirty Eight 

Farewell to Dalymount Park in Dublin, by Conor Clancy, These Football Times

Honoring the Dick, Kerr’s Ladies women’s football team, by Paul Swarbrick, Blog PrestonIn A League of Their Own, Gail Newsham

Remembering Eddie Grant, first Major League doughboy to die in France, by Mike Bates, The Hardball Times

Muhammad Ali and the1967  black athlete summit in Cleveland, by Jonathan Eig, The Undefeated

Doing It Their Own Way: The Union Berlin Story, by Daniel Rossbach, These Set Pieces

The history of Dhaka’s oldest cricket tournament, by Mohammad Isam, ESPN Cricinfo

Remembering the Sultan of SWAT stats, by Chelsea Janes, The Washington Post

How the Boston Bruins inadvertently ended up with Bobby Orr, by Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe

Online compilation of Spalding’s Base Ball records books continues, Baseball Nuggets

The Curse of Bobby Layne, by Carlos Monarrez, Detroit Free Press

The true story behind the Battle of the Sexes, by Anna Diamond, Smithsonian

Bill Russell’s near empty jersey retirement ceremony, by Adam Himmelsbach, Boston Globe

American soccer made its home at aging, funky RFK Stadium, by Stephen Goff, The Washington Post

The many times Diego Maradona cheated death, by Juan José Relmucao, VICE Mexico

Bill James goes to war with WAR over Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve, by Bill James

Top 10 historically significant female athletes, by Lindsay Pieper, U.S. Sport History

Before Kaepernick, The ‘Syracuse 8’ Were Blackballed By Pro FootballLeveling the Playing Field, Syracuse 8, Only A Game

When exactly was the first game in NHL history?, by Eric Zweig

Retired Contractor Discovers Rare 1890 Players’ League Documents, by Karen Given, Only A Game

Human Interest

Remembering Joe McKnight, by Flinder Boyd, Bleacher Report

The voice of the Tar Heels, Woody Durham, lives with a painful silence, by Andrew Carter, Raleigh News & Observer

In his own words: Mike Adamle remembers a life full of action, laughs and heart, by Dan Pompei, The Athletic Chicago

How Vin Scully spent his first day off on baseball opening day in 67 years, by Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times

How an NFL player saved Rod Carew’s life, by Daniel Brown, San Jose Mercury-News

Jerry Sloan’s last goodbye, by David Rutter, Chicago Tribune

Ray Allen, Holocaust educator, by Kelley D. Evans, The Undefeated

Eternal Champions: A year after the Chapecoense soccer air disaster, by Sam Borden, ESPN FC

Jim Bouton battling dementia, by Tyler Kepner, The New York TimesTurbulent World of Middle East Soccer

Survival in the Time of Peace: Colombia’s Victims of War Find Refuge in Sport, by Eduardo Veal, VQR

The complicated life and death of Hideki Irabu, by Ben Reiter, Sports Illustrated

Females who risks their lives to play basketball in Somalia, by Alexis Okeowo, The New Yorker

Syria’s World Cup story: Brutal politics behind the beautiful game, by James Montague, Middle East Eye 

From Playground Hero to Rikers Island: The Tragedy of Fly Williams, by Leo Sepkowitz, Bleacher Report

Issues & Trends

Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of the last links to the old NASCAR, by Mary Katharine Ham, The Federalist

Let Timmy Smoke: It’s Time to Open Baseball’s Hidden Cannabis Culture, by Donnell Alexander, Leafly

We Evolved to Run—But We’re Doing It All Wrong, by Simon Worrall National Geographic

The Big Money Run – Africa’s Athletes on Sale, by Hajo Seppelt and Olaf Lippegaus, Sportschau

Let the people of Boston decide the fate of Yawkey Way, by Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

Sports teams in Tampa pay to remove a Confederate memorialMargaret Court The Autobiography, by Ben Shpigel, The New York Times

Trying to whitewash Margaret Court’s name, ABC News

The Future of Detecting Brain Damage in Football, by Patrick Hruby, The Atlantic

College football’s gift to higher education, by David Labaree, QZ

How Nixon Turned Football into a Political Weapon, by Jesse Berrett, Politico

Women’s rugby leading growth of game in New  Zealand, by David Lintott, AllBlacks.com

Russia’s ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics is a massive black mark on the movement, by Jules Boykoff, QZ

The NBA is the sport of America’s future, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Guardian U.S.

Journalism & Media

How Football Friendlies Helped Shape Sports Journalism Before the Great War, by Stijn Knuts, Playing Pasts 

Sportswriting Has Become a Liberal Profession — Here’s How It Happened, by Bryan Curtis, The Ringer

The Arrogant Thinking of Liberal Sports Writers, by Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week

Why is Dave Kindred Covering Small-town Illinois Girls High School Basketball? by Jeff Pearlman

The Gifts Jimmy Breslin Gave Me, by John Schulian, The StacksI'm Just Getting Started, Frank Deford

NBA radio announcers are becoming fewer and harder to find, David J. Halberstam, Awful Announcing

Important Journalism Ends Up On Cutting Room Floor At ESPN, by Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant

Frank Deford’s Career Brought Something New to Sports, by Tom Goldman, NPR

‘He wrote like he was shooting for something’: Remembering Frank Deford, by Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated

Can The Athletic revive the big city sports page online?, by Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy

The mad world of Major Rowland Bowen, cricket historian, writer, surgeon, spy, by Russell Jackson, The Guardian Australia

The Fallout from Sportswriting’s Filthiest F*** up, by Jeff Pearlman, Deadspin

Marty Brennaman, loud and clear, after 44 years on the air, by Craig Fehrman, Cincinnati Magazine

Predicting the Astros’ World Series win—in 2014, by Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker, The Ringer

The Dean of Sports Cartooning, by David Davis, The Classical

Travel & Adventure

Cycling Along the Iron Curtain Trail, by Tim Moore, The Washington Post

From Portland to Pebble Beach: Two friends, 800 Miles, and One Hell of a Golf Trip, by Josh Sens, Golf Magazine

Running Through the Heart of Navajo, by Michael Powell, The New York Times