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Month: September 2017

Revisiting ‘Battle of the Sexes:’ Sports Biblio Digest, 9.24.17

On Friday the heavily anticipated “Battle of the Sexes” film was released, starring Emma Jones and Steven Carell, and is getting generally positive reviews (here, here and here). But most of the treatment of the film is tied to the current American political atmosphere, which is becoming a default media position for just about any subject.

Battle of the SexesFor those of us who remember the Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs match in 1973, the cultural dynamics of that evening in Houston (and more importantly, in the weeks leading up to it) cannot be properly treated in a film.

Selena Roberts’ “A Necessary Spectacle,” published in in 2005, is a solid account that puts the political and cultural contexts in a largely proper perspective. Continue reading

The Sensational Rebirth of the Cleveland Indians: Sports Biblio Digest 9.17.17

One of the pleasures of growing up listening to baseball on the radio—rather than watching on television—was constantly thumbing the tuner on my transistor late at night to pick up clear signal stations beaming games from the West Coast.

A Summer to Remember, Cleveland Indians, Lew FreedmanI was supposed to be asleep, of course, as it was lights out at 10 o’clock for me, even in high school, and even in the summers. But the night owl in me improvised an occasional doubleheader that I suspected my mother may have known about, but never mentioned to me once.

After listening to Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson Sr. call an Atlanta Braves game, it was off to the late-night races, depending on who was playing in California: most often, it was the St. Louis Cardinals on KMOX, the Chicago Cubs on WGN and the Cleveland Indians on WWWE. Continue reading

American Football’s Cultural Crossroads: Sports Biblio Digest 9.10.17

The prelude to a new NFL season and its college counterpart has been a familiar one, laced with constant media treatment of American football’s cultural crossroads: Concussions, sexual violence and black activism. Will this be the year public consciousness about them changes?

Violated, Mark Schlach, Paula LavigneSome football books published ahead of the season also drive home these topics, again not a surprising development. Some of these books have become increasingly strident as the football-loving fandom seemingly ignores them.

But are they?

More damning studies of brain disease in retired NFL players, criminal acts by players against women and social protests by African-American stars have become routine (and quite often overdone) storylines. Continue reading

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