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Month: December 2016

Selecting The Best Sportswriting of 2016: Sports Biblio Digest 12.18.16

Rick Telander, the guest editor of a collection of the best sportswriting of 2016, describes how even his own voracious reading habits were stretched by the task of selecting longform pieces for the book.

best sportswriting of 2016, best american sports writing 2016, fall 2016 sports booksIn addition to preferring stories that “get to the essence of the human struggle,” he tells sports media writer Ed Sherman that much of what he chose from “all had the sense of possibility.”

I think that’s a terrific approach to what could have been a predictable process for the latest edition of the  “The Best American Sports Writing” anthology, and Telander’s credentials are impeccable.

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Bud Selig, Steroids and the Baseball Hall of Fame: Sports Biblio Digest, 12.11.16

The announcement this week of retired Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig as a 2017 inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame didn’t come as a surprise, and it has sparked a renewed discussion about the inclusion of players in the so-called Steroids Era.

the game, jon pessah, bud seligSelig was selected with longtime Atlanta Braves executive John Schuerholz by the newly formed Today’s Era Committee, which votes on non-playing contributors from 1988 to the present.

Selig, the first owner-turned-commissioner, presided when performance-enhancing drug use in baseball was on the rise. His induction, with more than 90 percent of the vote, is prompting several voting members of the Baseball Writers Association of America to reconsider their refusal to vote for players they believe were aided by steroids. Continue reading

An ode to a sports photograph: Sports Biblio Digest, 12.4.16 

The year 2016 figures go down as a memorable one for chroniclers of the art of the sports photograph, and what these images reflect about the cultures and eras they depict.

stroke of genius, gideon haigh, cricket books, notable sports books, sports photographEarlier this summer, Gail Buckland’s “Who Shot Sports” was hailed as the companion catalog to her curated Brooklyn Museum exhibit about some of the luminaries of sports photography, and some of their best work.

At the end of the year, Australian author Gideon Haigh’s new book about a famous photograph of cricket legend Victor Trumper was being celebrated well before its official publication. Continue reading

Sports Biblio’s list of 2016 notable sports books

In the ever-subjective world of books and the reviews that may or may not define them, trying to come up with a year-end listing of books that stand out is a seemingly impossible task. Even using the loosely defined category of 2016 notable sports books, which can mean many things.

the selling of the babe, babe ruth, glenn stout, baseball books, 2016 notable sports booksThe second annual Sports Biblio list of notable sports books does have this parameter: Books published in the calendar year 2016. That’s why you will not see below some of the books that have been garnering acclaim by the brand-name sports book award houses, some of which cover the previous year (William Hill in the U.K., ESPN/PEN in the U.S.)

What does follow is an incredibly subjective and seemingly random list of 15 sports books published around the world during the year 2016 on a variety of subjects, and that generally received some noteworthy critical attention. Continue reading

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