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Month: October 2016

Arnold Palmer’s Exemplary Life: Sports Biblio Digest, 10.30.16

When Arnold Palmer died last month, the finishing touches were being made for what had long been planned to be his final book.

arnold palmer, a life well playedIn “A Life Well Played,” published Tuesday by St. Martin’s Press, Palmer admits he never cared for the nickname “The King,” long bestowed on him by fans, writers and his legions of gallery admirers, “Arnie’s Army.”

In a statement issued by St. Martin’s upon the release of the audiobook version, Palmer said his final book was difficult for several reasons: Continue reading

A History of Baseball Best-Sellers: Sports Biblio Digest, 10.16.16

Baseball best-sellers aren’t as plentiful as it may be presumed, given the prevalence of baseball books on the market.

george will, men at work, baseball best-sellersThis edition of the Sports Biblio Digest leads with a writer’s search into the historical archive to find out how few baseball best-sellers there have been over the years, which ones were listed the longest, and some lauded books that never made the list.

Other baseball reads delve in the greatness of Sandy Koufax, a remembrance of a long-forgotten reliever who served as a set-up man of sorts for the bullpen strategies of today, and a memorable celebration of a memorable pennant victory 30 years ago.  Continue reading

On Sportswriters, Real and Imagined: Sports Biblio Digest, 10.9.16

Sportswriters take center stage in this proudly Trump-free issue of the digest, along with other great reads about sports books, history and culture:the sportswriter, richard ford

  • a novelist, Richard Ford, who wrote a book about a sportswriter that is about so much more;
  • a nonagenarian baseball writer, Roger Angell, with a wondrous gift for the language that puts far younger sportswriters to shame;
  • a tribute to George Plimpton, and occasional sportswriter;
  • a sportswriter who invented a newspaper to write for;
  • sportswriters who labored during the golden age of their craft, when baseball was triumphant;
  • sportswriters who are gathering for a festival of their own in Australia;
  • and an acclaimed sportswriter in his prime, with a fond remembrance of a friend he believes ought to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Continue reading

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